Developer: Bleem Company
Supported Systems:

Bleem! was one of the very first commercial PSX Emulators. Bleem! Was a promising start of an emulator, however unlike most other emulators you had to actually buy it, which was an unusual thing at the time and something that did not sit well with big companies like Sony.

Ultimately it was their legal battles with Sony that ultimately killed the company developing Bleem!.

Bleem! was a somewhat promising PSX Emulator, it managed to emulate a variety of games to varying degrees and was surprisingly fast. It achieved this by being written primarily in assembly, this allowed the developers to create very precise optimizations in there code, however it also made it an awful lot more complicated.

The Bleem! PSX Emulator also managed to make use of the PC’s graphics hardware to increase the speed of 3D rendering. For its time Bleem! had showed massive promise, helped in part by its commercial nature. Ultimately Bleem! went bankrupt, they may of won the court cases with Sony, but they couldn’t afford the legal fees and had to shut down.

However thanks to them fighting the court case and winning it helped pave the wave for a huge increase in freeware PSX Emulators as it proved in law that an emulator can’t be sued for copyright.

Please note Bleem! may not run on any operating system newer then Windows 98.


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