Billard's XInput Plugin

Billard's XInput Plugin
Developer: Billard

XInput input plugin is a basic N64 Input Plugin for N64 Emulators, offering only the most basic input support for the Xbox 360 controller, fully supporting features like rumble and independently working triggers. The plugin also allows up to 4 separate controllers to be used at one time. However this is as far as the functionality of the plugin goes, it offers no support to change the control configuration.

It also has no support for extra functionality of the Nintendo 64’s input such as the memory pack and the transfer pack. While it does successfully provide support for Xbox 360 controllers and does it well across all 4 of them, it fails in almost all other aspects.

Another thing to note that this is also a Windows only plugin due to its reliance on the Direct X runtime and its XInput library’s.

Also remember that this only explicitly supports the Xbox 360 controller, meaning keyboards, joysticks and other means of input will not work with this plugin, this is due to them working off the Direct Input framework where as 360 Controller uses the XInput API exclusively.

The forced controller configuration is as follows:

  • A = A and Y
  • B = B and X
  • C Buttons = Right Analog
  • Z Trigger = LT
  • R Trigger = RT
  • L Trigger = LB


Download Billards XInput Plugin