Rice Video

Rice Video
Developer: Rice, Various Developers

Rice Video is an open source DirectX and OpenGL plugin(Newer forks remove OpenGL) for N64 emulators that conform to Zilmars and Schibo’s video plug-in specifications.

It is the first N64 Video plugin that offered support for users to load in custom user-made textures to replace the originals shipped with the game, allowing texture artists to increase the resolution of textures or change the whole art-direction of the game.

Rice Video also supports scaling filters such as 2xSaI, Scale2X or the HQXX (HQ2x/HQ3x/HQ4x).

It is one of the more popular choices in plugins when it comes to hires texture works but has been slowly losing popularity in face of more high performance plugins that offer better compatibility while still having high-res texture dumping and loading support such as GlideHQ.

It still remains a good choice for those who are after a fast and relatively simple plugin to use that still offers a lot of the bells and whistles that plugins like GlideHQ offers, it is probably the second best video plugin available with it being more feature filled than Jabo’s Video Plugin and offering better compatibility than plugins like Direct64.


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