Developer: Fabien Autrel
Supported Systems:

Satourne was a very promising SEGA Saturn emulator. it showed a remarkable amount of progress very early on in its development. Being one of the first few emulators to actually successfully emulate SEGA Saturn commercial games.

While development has sadly now ceased, it left behind a legacy of what was an absolutely superb emulator. While it was ultimately beaten out by SSF in terms of compatibility, what the author of the emulator managed to achieve in such a short development time was nothing short of a miracle.

Development sadly seemed to of ended around 2003, with the 2006 release of Satourne actually being a re-release of an old development version of the emulator. Luckily for those who are interested in the SEGA Saturn there have been two emulators that have really picked up the slack in development surround

While the years have gone on now, we sadly can no longer recommend Satourne. Both SSF and Yabause are much more capable emulators now. If your on a Windows System be sure to check out SSF and for those on other systems check out Yabause.


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