Developer: Gekko Development Team
Supported Systems:

Gekko is an experimental emulator written purely in C/C++ to try and achieve the best portability possible. The original core was originally written for x86 Windows systems and managed to boot many commercial games.

While originally started back in 2006, the emulator was revived again in 2012. The new intent was to continue work on the code and introduce the ability to run natively on x64 systems and also run on other platforms such as Linux.

While development seemed to start progressing well again, development seems to of ceased yet again in 2013. With no signs of development coming from the team.

The team before development ended again had managed to write a new video core that was capable of getting games running in interpreter to run nearly full speed. The new Video Core also introduced dual-core support to the video emulation. However like many other emulation project’s for the GameCube, the Gekko couldn’t seem to catch up to the development of Dolphin.


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