Akaru Hime: The Red Princess

Akaru Hime: The Red Princess
Developer: Imanol Barriuso, Belinda Barriuso, Sergio Presa

Akaru Hime: The Red Princess is a homebrew Game Boy Colour Game developed by Light Games for the Bit Bit Jam #3 competition The 3 primary developers of this GBC Rom was Imanol Barriuso, Belinda Barriuso and Sergio Presa.

The game is fairly simple, your character stands on a single spot and have to defend against Ninjas that come from both left or right. While your do this you have to also avoid ninja stars that make you have to also jump or crouch to dodge.

While very simple game play, it can quickly become extremely difficult as the amount of enemies and ninja stars that come at you at once increases.


  • Left/Right – Look left/right
  • Down – Crouch
  • A – Jump
  • B – Stab


Download Akaru Hime: The Red Princess