Developer: David Firth & Atari800 Team
Supported Systems:

Atari800 is a multi-platform, multi-system and open source Atari 5200 Emulator. Atari800 also offers for Atari’s 8-bit computer systems that they released arround the same time as the Atari5200. Atari800 has been ported to a variety of different operating system, this ranges from Windows, Linux, Unix and even Dreamcast.

Developed originally back in 1995 by programmer David Firth and then released under the GPL, Atari800 proved to be a fantastic for being highly portable with the emulator written in C with portability in mind from the beginning. Thanks to the portable nature of the code, ports for various different operating systems and video game consoles became common.

After David Firth stopped his own personal work on Atari800 in 1997 a group of talented programmers moved to take over development of the emulator themselves, Building off of the core 0.8.0 source code that David Firth had released, it quickly became one of the best Atari 5200 emulators available. Spurred even more so after numerous developers began working on the emulator alongside the new core development team.


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