Alient Planet

Alient Planet
Developer: Patriek Lesparre

Alien Planet is a homebrew GameBoy Colour game developed by developer “The New Image”. Alien Planet was developed for Gambit Studios’ Freedom 2001 developers competition.

All the graphics, sound and programming of the game was completed by a single developer, Patriek Lesparre.

Simply put, Alien Planet is a vertical shoot’em-up. You control the players ship with the direction controls of the GBC and use the B button to shoot. The start button simply pauses the game.

It is a well designed and well thought out GBC Game, with there being a variety of content. The basic goal of the game is to score as many points as possible before you run out of your 3 lives. It follows the basic shoot-em-up style of game play by including various powerups and boss’s that you have to beat to continue progressing in the game.


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