Genesis Plus

Genesis Plus
Developer: Genesis Plus! Development Team
Supported Systems:

Genesis Plus! is a highly accurate SEGA Genesis Emulator. It successfully emulates all sound channels, has full support for six button Genesis pads and support for various different SEGA Genesis ROM dumps.

Genesis Plus’s main focus is on achieving accurate emulation over the addition of other features, unlike the other Gens based project, Gens32. It helped achieve its accurate emulation by borrowing its CPU and sound chip emulation code directly from MAME.

This allowed Genesis Plus to be one of, if not the most accurate SEGA Genesis emulators around. With it maintaining a level of accuracy down to being able to properly exhibit issues that were present in games on the original system.

Genesis Plus is regarded as one of the best available emulators for the SEGA Genesis, and is regarded as one of the most accurate Genesis emulators to ever be developed.

However newcomer, BlastEm likely will eventually overcome the accuracy of Genesis Plus as long as development continues on that emulator.


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