Developer: DXBX Development Team
Supported Systems:

DXBX is a Xbox emulator that is written in the Delphi programming language. Not a huge amount is known about this emulator. It attempted to tackle the mammoth task of successfully emulating the Xbox.

The team managed to make some significant inroads into emulating the Xbox with a few games showing signs of being playable, and it successfully managed to emulate an assortment of different demo’s.

However ultimately development ceased, the two core Delphi programmers that the DXBX project relied on eventually ran out of time to be able to work on the project.

The many hours required to work on and develop the project simply became way to much time and effort for the two core programmers, with them leaving the project was left dead in the water.

While there was some very promising work done in DXBX, it was sadly never completed as the project failed to find any other .

So far the only project left that is showing signs of improving and possibly eventually managing to emulate the Xbox system is the XQEMU project. With any luck developers will stick to the project, and hopefully bring in some new developers into the scene.


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