Developer: JPCSP Development Team
Supported Systems:

JPCSP is one of the most advanced PSP Emulators available. JCPSP has shown an incredible amount of progress and impressive speed despite being built in a slower language then most other emulators. There is one big advantage to using Java for an emulator, and that is that the code tends to be multiplatform friendly from the get go, meaning you don’t have to waste a lot of development time tweaking code to work on specific platforms.

Despite JPCSP being written mainly in java, it manages to achieve 100% emulation speed in some commercial games, this is quite an impressive feat for any PSP Emulators. It achieves this by taking the full advantage of dual-core CPU’s, allowing it to match the same dual-core architecture that is featured in the PSP itself. The more cores you have should also improve emulation even more, as it allows the free cores to work just on Java’s JIT compiler and the graphics cache.

Despite this project still just being a beta, it already offers compatibility for over 600 games. While not as vast as PPSSPP’s 919 odd games that are marked as playable, it is still impressive none the less.

Thanks to continued active development, JPCSP has taken the place as probably the second best PSP emulator, and challenges PPSSPP extremely well.


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