Developer: Orkin

Direct64 is a excellent video plugin for N64 Emulators that was being developed by Orkin based off his other video plugin glN64.

Before Orkin disappeared from developing the plugin it was proving quite promising showcasing some features that other plugins didn’t have and also had promised future versions that would bring it in line with that of Rice Video and Glide64.

Compared to its more developed video plugins, Direct64 provided a very clean and fast alternative.

With what Direct64 was capable of, it did extremely well, emulating the games quite accurately. Since Orkin hasn’t been seen on various forums since 2005 its safe to say this plugin is dead. Its source code was never released either unlike its predecessor glN64.

Direct64 is now a fairly redundant plugin due to its lack of development. It does not provide the same sort of features or compatibility as seen in more developed plugins.

However there is the odd chance that Direct64 will successfully emulate some edge cases. Since it is a fairly optimized plugin it does run better on lower systems than alternatives such as Glide 64 does giving it an edge for those with limited resources.


Download Direct64