Developer: WhineCube Development Team
Supported Systems:

WhineCube was part of a string of GameCube emulators for Windows written in C++. Though in comparison to its competitors, the emulator was never able to run any commercial games. However it could still run some homebrew.

While the emulator never was able to achieve much compatibility, it did succeed in making progress in other areas of emulation that was extremely beneficial to emulators such as Dolphin. In particular, a lot of work was put into documenting how the BBA network works and on working out how to generally emulate the BBA, this was alongside working out various other low level functionality of the Nintendo GameCube.

Again like many other GameCube emulators, the development stunted and was eventually discontinued in the wake of Dolphin that was rapidly improving at the time. A lot of development focus from separate emulators was moved to focus on improving Dolphin.


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