Developer: James Slepicka
Supported Systems:

Nemulator is a multiple system emulator, being both a SEGA Master System Emulator and a NES Emulator. Developed by James Slepicka, Nemulator has managed to successfully achieve a substantial level of compatibility for both the SEGA Master System and the NES. Despite starting off as a NES Emulator, the developer decided to focus on another emulator after managing to emulate the NES extremely successfully with little to not problems.

Nemulator’s NES Emulation is now fully developed with support for the vast majority of the NES’s abundant function mappers, Nemulator even goes as far as to add support for even unofficial and undocumented opcodes allowing it to run the vast majority of NES games without any issues. The NES Emulator also features support for cycle-accurate timing.

In Version 4.0, the developer decided to introduce additional support to the emulator, adding in support for the SEGA Master System. While this emulation is relatively new to Nemulator, it so far appears to be functioning quite well and is definitely an emulator worth checking out for both the SEGA Master System and the NES.


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