LoZ Ocarina of Time – Community Texture pack

LoZ Ocarina of Time – Community Texture pack
Artist: Community Retexture Team

The Ocarina of Time Community retexture project is an attempt to recreate the Ocarina of Time textures faithfully and retaining the look and general feel of the game.

However some areas have required the artists to decide on their own as to what originally was there since some textures have been lost due to there minimal size of only 32×32 even though they may cover a large area.

This project also aims to ensure that Ocarina of Time is remembered in all of its beauty for years to come.

While the project is far from finished it has so far proven to be one of the most popular high-res texture packs for Zelda: Ocarina of time. coming second to Djipi’s absolutely superb cell shade texture pack..

With this Ocarina of Time Texture Pack coming in at 900mb at this early stage, we recommend using NTCore’s 4gb patch on x86 emulators to ensure that it doesn’t crash as the textures are loaded into memory.


Download LoZ Ocarina of Time – Community Texture pack