Developer: Shunyuan, MooglyGuy

Shunyuan SoftGraphic is a video plugin for N64 emulators. Shunyuan SoftGraphics much like Z64 makes use of MESS’s highly accurate RDP core that is written by MooglyGuy.

SoftGraphic still remains a predominately LLE graphics plugin despite it being marketed as a HLE plugin. The main difference is that SoftGraphic uses the dlists sent to it via the RSP.

However with it being a software rendering plugin it does have a much higher CPU requirement than most other plugins

SoftGraphics is not nearly as capable as other plugins with it not being able to uses resolutions higher than the Nintendo 64’s highest resolution of 1024×768. While their are some benefits to using a plugin like SoftGraphics such as its high pixel accuracy their are some drawbacks.

The pixel accuracy nature of the plugins comes at the cost of many features that HLE plugins provide. These features range from high res texture replacement to various graphical enhancements though these features would be a drawback to being pixel accurate. Another problem with SoftGraphic it still is unable to run games like Star Wars Rogue Squadron.


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