Developer: ZSnes Dev Team
Supported Systems:

ZSNES is one of the first SNES emulators to support a wide variety of games and also one of the most popular SNES emulators.

ZSNES unlike bsnes focuses more on performance. This helps give it a small memory footprint comparatively. Despite this it does still manage to successfully emulate the SNES’s more complicated features. Such as the SuperFX chip. It also includes some extra non-essential features such as 44.1khz audio, movie creation, and a plethora of different video filters.

Sadly ZSNES is no longer in active development with its last stable release being back in 2007, however despite this its still one of the best SNES emulators around especially when confronted with a more performance restricted system. ZSNES offers support for Microsoft Windows and Linux with a port available for Mac OSX.

Please note Linux builds require you to build it yourself, instructions are included in the downloads.


Download ZSNES