Developer: shonumi
Supported Systems:

GBE + is a GBA Emulator and GBC emulator written by Shonumi. It is the continuation of his original GBA Emulator, GB Enhanced. The goal of the project is to create an emulator written in C++ utilizing the SDL library that proves to be highly portable while sporting functionality that is not traditionally found in GBA and GBC emulators. The plan is to attempt to document the GBC’s and GBA’s functions through clean easy to understand code while still allowing an assortment of enhancements.

While the GBA Emulation is still rather experimental it should be able to run most games with a varying amount of playability or visible glitches. The GBC side of the emulation however is much more complete and is considered more ready for prime time use. A feature that is a big star of the GBE+ project and is something new to the GBA and GBC emulation scene is the ability to use custom graphics.

This custom graphics is the ability for GBE + to dump or extract sprites and backgrounds directly out of the game, let the user then edit them, and then have the ability to re-inject those sprites and backgrounds directly back into the game dynamically. This feature is a big plus for the emulator as it allows users to modify the look and feel of a game without needing to utilize rom hacking. Anything that you can see in a game can be edited, with a few exceptions. However this does mean you can bring colour into what used to be a monochrome game.

GBE+ is still very much a work in progress emulator, but is proving to be incredibly promising, introducing features into the GBA and GBC emulation scene that have been sadly lacking. With any like Shonumi will continue work on this emulator as so far the project is showing an incredible amount of promise.


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