Developer: Xeon Development Team
Supported Systems:

Xeon was a surprising Xbox emulator, and the first to actually successfully be able to get in game. Xeon was only ever capable of being able to run one single Xbox game, and that game is Halo: Combat Evolved.

Even though it could get in game, it was simply way to slow to be able to ever run the game at any playable speed.

However what Xeon did show, despite its short life span, is that emulation of the original Xbox can be achieved and wasn’t an impossible task, sadly development of all Xbox emulators has not managed to progress much further.

While emulation of the Xbox has been fairly stagnant there is one project left in development, that being XQEMU. There is still some hope in that the XQEMU project will manage to achieve a higher level of emulation

Despite such an early promise of being able to emulate Xbox games, Xeon never had another release and was left as yet another abandoned Xbox emulator.


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