Waimanu: Grinding Blocks Adventure

Waimanu: Grinding Blocks Adventure
Developer: Disjointed Studio

Waimanu: Grinding Blocks Adventure is a superb homebrew game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. it is regarded as being one of the best homebrew gaming hits to come to the Game Boy Advance. With it being a superb combination of graphics, gameplay and music.

Waimanu: Grinding Blocks Adventure was originally designed as a Nintendo DS, but thankfully one homebrew game developing group took it upon themselves to try and port the superb and addictive title back down to the weaker Game Boy Advance. A task that would take a bit of work, rewriting the game to use the Game Boy Advance software development kits and rethinking the interface to not need the secondary screen.

The team that took it upon themselves to port Waimanu from the Nintendo DS to the Game Boy Advance, is the same team that developed the original Nintendo DS version, that being the talented Italian team, Disjointed Studios. Their efforts were largely due to enter the game into a competition run by NeoFlash.

Waimanu: Grinding Blocks Adventure takes place on a single screen in which you take control of a rather cute penguin. Your goal is to take o then puzzle-come-arcade action game by sliding blocks across the landscape. You slide the blocks across to try and squish the enemies that walk around the screen. While it is a simple concept it can be an extremely addictive game even though it can sometimes be hair-tearingly-challenging.


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