Developer: KiGB Development Team
Supported Systems:

KiGB is a cross-platform emulator for the Game Boy Color. The emulator claims to be the most accurate for the system, like many other emulators it provides support for both the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy.

It also has the added bonus that it works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Making it one of the most portable Game Boy emulators around.

The emulator has not been developed since 2008, but the developers ensure that the emulator provides the best possible compatibility. They even went as far to test the emulator on all games and demo’s in the GoodGBX V2.02 ROM set.

This means that it has compatibility with over 6,000 roms. The emulator also has support for link play for the vast majority of games, again this is done over the TCP protocol meaning this can be done both locally and over the Internet.


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