Developer: SubQMod
Supported Systems:

Jagulator was an extremely promising up and coming, closed source Atari Jaguar Emulator for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It was one of the very first Atari Jaguar Emulators, but was beaten by Project Tempest to being able to be the first emulator to successfully run a commercial game.

Jagulator made use of the Motorola 68000 command processor to achieve its emulation of the Atari Jaguar. However please note that for Jagulator to be able to run any commercial games at all, you do need the Atari Jaguar boot ROM. Though with the Boot ROM, Jagulator was a rather capable Atari Jaguar Emulator.

Development of Jagulator appears to of now ceased, with the emulators website now completely offline, any hopes of development continuing seems to be slim. The last post on the website indicated that the author was getting married which would explain the end in development.

Please note that we recommend that if you want to run games without issues, that you utilize Virtual Jaguar.


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