Djipis 2016 3DS Styled Ocarina of Time Texture Pack

Djipi’s 2016 3DS Style Ocarina of Time texture pack was developed by the highly talented artist Djipi to replicate the look, feel and style of the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time.

This style of texture looks perfect in Ocarina of Times N64 version as it matches more closely to the low poly styled world and helps put a lot more character and charm back into the game.

Djipi achieves this 3DS styled look by creating detailed textures that are utilized at a lower resolution, this differs to the Community Ocarina of Time Texture Pack that utilizes high resolution textures creating two completely different feels.

The process of creating textures that need to look good and detailed without having that highly glossy high resolution look ends up as a somewhat complicated process and helps show how good Djipi is at working textures into a scene.


Download Djipis 2016 3DS Styled Ocarina of Time Texture Pack