Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar
Developer: Atari
Released: 1993

Atari Jaguar Specifications

Processor: 'Tom' Chip
Processor Speed: 26.59 MHz
Processor Features: GPU | Objecting Processing | Blitter | DRAM Controller
Co-Processor: 'Jerry' Chip
Co-Processor Speed: 26.59 MHz
Co-Processor Features: Digital Signal Processor | CD-Quality Sound | Wavetable Synthesis | Clock control block | Joystick Control

The Atari Jaguar is a console that was released by Atari back 1993. This was the last console to be marketed under the Atari brand until 2004 when they released the Atari Flashback.

The system even through marketed as the first 64 bit console to enter the market it was still a commercial failure and thus forcing Atari out of the console market. The console had only sold about 250 thousand.

The Jaguar faced many problems that contributed to its failure such as extensive delays in development of the software for the console and also the introduction of products into the market by both Sega and Sony in 1995.

The Atari Jaguar had quite a few different accessories that could add functionality to the console. Just to name a few there was the cd add-on, memory track, team tap and many more.

There was a total of 82 games released for the console 67 were for the console itself and the other 15 were for the CD add-on. Just to name a few there was Alien Vs Predator, Breakout 2000, Missile Command 3D, Total Carnage and many more.


Atari Jaguar Emulators


Jagulator was the very first publicly available Atari Jaguar emulator. Jagulator is capable of running most commercial Atari Jaguar games without any significant issues.

Project Tempest
Project Tempest

Project Tempest was one of the very first Atari Jaguar emulators. It managed even successfully to emulate several commercial games completely.

Virtual Jaguar
Virtual Jaguar

Virtual Jaguar is the best Atari Jaguar emulator that is available. It offers the highest compatibility for the Atari Jaguar and can play numerous games without any issues.