Project Tempest

Project Tempest
Developer: Ville Linde
Supported Systems:

Project Tempest is one of the oldest Atari Jaguar Emulators, it runs only on the Windows Operating System. Project Tempest made its mark in history by becoming the first ever working Atari Jaguar Emulator. For its time, this was a remarkable achievement as the Atari Jaguar had proven to be one of the more complicated systems to successfully emulate.

Project Tempest managed to achieve a remarkable amount of progress during its development, managing to emulate a large amount of the commercial games available for the Jaguar. Even managing to emulate some commercial games sound successfully. However for its time, it required what was classified as “high end” specs for that era. That being it required a processor that had a clock speed of over 2 GHz for it to be able to run games at full speed, and also actually achieve sound emulation.

Please note: Project Tempest has gone without development for some time now, while a capable emulator we do recommend using Virtual Jaguar Instead.


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