NRage Input Plugin

NRage Input Plugin
Developer: NRage Development Team

NRage Input Plugin for N64 Emulators is the most developed and advanced N64 Input plugin available for the system.

The plugin has support for numerous features. Such as proper emulation of the transfer pack allowing games such as Pokemon Stadium to utilize its GBC loading feature. Memory cart emulation allowing data to be saved to the memory pack and to be edited and manipulated.

NRage goes as far as to also provide emulation of the rumble pack through several different means, either visual or through rumble enabled controllers. The plugin also offers the widest support of different devices through the use of the Direct Input libraries, with new versions stretching its support to also include devices that make use of the XInput library.

NRage also has the added ability to allow users to set individual modifiers bound to keys, this can change thinks from increasing the speed of movement, setting keys to perform macros or changing configurations quickly on the fly.

The downside to NRage’s abundance of functionality and wide compatibility is that it is strictly Windows only as it relies heavily on Windows specific libraries and functionalities.


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