Mollymutt and Co's Paper Mario texture pack

Mollymutt and Co's Paper Mario texture pack
Artist: Mollymutt, M[u]ddy, Klasa, djipi, mdtauk, Alienspy

Mollymutts Paper Mario texture pack is one of the finest and most complete texture packs available for Paper Mario. The goal is to replicate the original feel and look of the textures by faithfully recreating them.

This is combination of several different Paper Mario texture packs, combining the hard work of several different artists, each making their own sizeable contribution.

While this texture pack used to be split some of the original works have been lost so this is the ultimate way of experiencing all the artists hard work at replacing Paper Mario.

Paper Mario is no easy task as there is a ton of different textures utilized in it and each one needs to be replicated faithfully to work well within the Paper Mario world.


Download Mollymutt and Co's Paper Mario Texture Pack