Paper Mario

Paper Mario
Released: 2000
Console: Nintendo 64
Developer: Intelligent Systems

Paper Mario is a one of a kind role-playing-game developed by Intelligent Systems for the Nintendo 64. The game followed the typical Mario story line. Peach gets kidnapped and Mario has to fight through various challenges and bosses to save her.

Overall Paper Mario was a well received game, bringing in a score of 93% from Metacritic, a score most games would be more than proud to achieve. It managed to become the top selling game for its week of release in Japan. It went on to also be rated number 63 in Nintendo Powers 2001 issue of best games released for a Nintendo System.

Paper Mario has been one of the hardest games to develop texture packs for, this is partly due to how stylised every scene is, so you have to faithfully recreate every texture or risk destroying the look and feel of the game. Despite being a popular game there has never been a 100% coplete texture pack for it.