Mode7's Super Mario 64 Texture Pack

Mode7's Super Mario 64 Texture Pack
Artist: Mode7

Mode7’s Super Mario 64 texture pack is one of the best texture packs available for Super Mario 64. While it’s not a complete texture pack, Mode7’s style of textures suits the game incredibly well and really brings the game to life.

The textures are somewhat simple in style with Mode7 being inspired by the work of Djipi’s cel shade style textures and Kmans previous texture work.

Mode7 aimed to created a more organic cartoon look that he thought fitted the original games world. What is even more impressive is that Mode7 managed to create the majority of this texture pack within just a few days.

This texture pack is well worth trying out, even though its not complete the style Mode7 created fits Super Mario 64 perfectly, and makes the game feel a lot more modern.


Download Mode7's Super Mario 64 Texture Pack