SG-1000 Specifications

Processor: NEC 780C (Zilog Z80 clone)
Processor Speed: 3.58 MHz (NTSC), 3.55 MHz (PAL)
System Memory: 16 kbit (2 kB)
GPU: Texas Instruments TMS9928A
GPU Memory: 128 kbit (16 kB)
Resolution: 256 x 192 pixels
Maximum Sprites: 32
Maximum Colors: 16

The SG-1000 or Sega Game 1000 is a cartridge based video game console manufactured by Sega.

This console marked Sega’s very first entry into the home hardware video game market and was released in 1983. The console cost 15,000 Japenese Yen to buy and was released in several different markets including Japan & Australia.

Due to the competition at the time the SG-1000 was released into the markets it was not very successful. Issues such as a poor controller, lack of support for the A/V output, however lessons were learnt and help in the development of the master system.

There was a total of 68 standard cartridge releases and 29 Sega cartridge releases with a total of 97.

There were several peripherals for the SG-1000 such as keyboards, different controllers, a racing wheel and a few more different peripherals.



KEGA Fusion Thumbnail

KEGA Fusion is an SG-1000 emulator that has full support for the system. It is a highly capable SG-1000 emulator and is one that you can’t go past at all.

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CrabEmu is an accurate and fast emulator for the SG-1000. It is one of the best emulators for the SG-1000 if you are running a macOS or Linux based device.