Developer: Lawrence Sebald
Supported Systems:

CrabEmu is a SG-1000 Emulator and a SEGA Mega System Emulator for Linux, macOS and even the Dreamcast for those whole still have a Dreamcast lying around.

The main focus of CrabEmu was to develop a fast and effective emulator for SEGA’s two 8-bit consoles, the SG-1000 and the SEGA Master System.

Unlike most emulators though, this emulator is not available on Windows Operating systems.

CrabEmu boasts quite a high compatibility rate while also managing to retain performance, and also include the ability to be able to render the SG-1000 and SEGA Master System’s graphics at a much higher resolution then they were ever intended to be rendered at.

While development of Crab Emu has ceased, its core has now been implemented into the macOS OpenEmu project to handle support for the SEGA Master system.


Download CrabEmu