Developer: DesMuME Team
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DeSmuME is one of the best Nintendo DS Emulators around, over the years it has managed to achieve fast emulation while managing to retain a relatively high compatibility rate. DeSmuMe was the first NDS emulator that was capable of successfully running several NDS roms.

Thanks to DeSmuME’s OpenGL render and dynamic recompiler it is one of the best performing emulators for the DS that you can find.

DeSmuME came about after several developers who had forked YopYop156’s code decided to unite together which ended up with the release of DeSmuME 0.5.0. The merging of resources has allowed DeSmuME to become one of the best NDS emulators around, its only real competitor being NO$GBA.

Development has slowed down significantly, as work has been done to port DeSmuME to other systems such as Mac OS X, with a lot of development time being spent on the Coaca port. However there still is a significant amount of changes to the core system that has been fixing issues in a variety of games.

DeSmuME was originally capable of connecting to the Nintendo DS’s WiFI service, but that functionality was eventually terminated after Nintendo detected the connections, users have lobbied for the WiFi functionality to be introduced back into DeSmuME but Nintendo eventually shut down the online play of NDS Games completely rendering the effort pointless.


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