Developer: Chankast Development Team
Supported Systems:

Chankast was one of the first SEGA Dreamcast emulators to actually successfully emulate a commercial Dreamcast game. it was built for x86 platforms, and for its time utilized advanced techniques to achieve not only high compatibility emulation but also have the ability to get a decent speed in Dreamcast games, something that was a massive thing to achieve back in 2004.

It even managed to run games at a decent speed thanks to the early adoption of processor optimizations such as the SSE Instruction set. Considering what Chankast managed to achieve during its short lifespan its nothing short of a miracle as it for a short while beat out a few other emulators.

Sadly development only lasted 3 months before all signs of development vanished, leaving Chankast woefully outdated and buggy. its a shame development never lasted long enough to really flesh out the emulation, make it more accurate and deal with the various bugs. It’s unknown while development suddenly ceased, but due to it being a closed source project all the work was lost.

We recommend using an emulator such as Demul or NullDC instead as they have been kept in development much longer, becoming more superior in speed, emulation accuracy and more robust emulation.


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