Developer: RPCS3 Development Team
Supported Systems:

RPCS3 is one of the most surprising emulators of all, in that it is a PS3 Emulator. Many originally thought that PS3 Emulation would be completely impossible due to the highly complicated nature of the PS3’s architecture and its highly complicated Cell Processor that was difficult to develop for let alone developing.

But the RPCS3 team managed to pull off the impossible, proving that emulation of the PS3’s complicated architecture could actually be done successfully. Originally developed by programmers DH and Hykem back in 2011, they managed to show that making a PS3 emulator could be done by emulating simple homebrew.

3 years later, and the PS3 emulator started showing success in being able to emulate actual commercial PS3 games with numerous games now able be playable in some form. However emulation is currently quite slow, as is to be expected with such a complicated project. As long as development continues of this project though, and more developers come on board theres a massive chance full emulation of the PS3 could be achieved now that the ground work has been laid.


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