Kega Fusion
Developer: Steve Snake
Supported Systems:

KEGA Fusion is a multi system emulator for various SEGA systems. Its a SG-1000 Emulator, SEGA Master System Emulator and a SEGA Genesis Emulator all in one package. KEGA Fusion was developed primarily by a single talented developer, Steve Snake.

KEGA Fusion is one of the best emulators available for the SG-1000, Master System and the Genesis, an impressive feat considering it has to emulate three completely different consoles within the same package which is not easy task. it manages to emulate all three systems flawlessly. This is in part thanks to Steve Snake’s utter focus on ensuring the emulator was highly accurate.

Steve Snake managed to eventually optemize KEGA Fusion enough that the accuracy did not come at a cost of performance. KEGA Fusion has gone on to support an assortment of different features as well, such as netplay and screen scaling enhancements.

If your after the best SG-1000 Emulator, SEGA Master System Emulator and Sega Genesis Emulator you really cannot go past KEGA Fusion, it offers the best of both performance and compatibility thanks to its incredibly well optimized accuracy.


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