Developer: Nemesis
Supported Systems:

Exodus is a highly accurate SEGA Genesis emulator, Its entire goal being to have perfectly accurate timing synchronization. Meaning every quirk of the emulator should be emulated, including intended and unintended features of the hardware.

The goal of exodus overall however is not to be an emulator for any single system, its designed to try and offer a platform for highly accurate emulation of all systems. While also managing to offer a very solid performance base.

The developer claims that Exodus’s core goal is not to be a emulator that can play commercial games, although that is a side effect of the emulation. Ultimately it is designed to act as a very thorough and useful debugger for game development purposes.

The author recommends using other emulators instead of this if your intention is to play games on a day to day basis. For those purposes we recommend an emulator like KEGA Fusion.


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