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The Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis or also known as the Mega Drive outside of North America is a console that was developed and sold by Sega. It is also the successor the Master System console.

Like most of Sega’s consoles this again didn’t go to well against the two competitors the NES and the NEC’s PC Engine. It still however was able to achieve success in North America and Europe. The huge game library was one of the factors that helped the console sell well.

The Sega Genesis boasted a game library of over 900 games these were developed by Sega and also a wide range of third party publishers. The games came in form of a ROM based cartridge. The console featured games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Disney’s Aladdin, Mortal Kombat and many more classics that we know and love.

There were a number of peripherals released for the consoles such as a light gun, a mouse, a foam covered bat and many more extra items to add extra functionality to the console. At the end of 1994 when the newer 32bit bit consoles were released the console became obsolete very fast. By the time the Sega Genesis was discontinued it had sold an estimated 40 million units.

The Sega Genesis still maintains a strong fan base with people collecting the old consoles and games. As well as people turning to emulators to replay some of the classics they grew up with.

SEGA Genesis Emulators

KEGA Fusion    – KEGA Fusion is one of the best multi system emulators around and makes for a very formidable SEGA Genesis Emulator. Being around for many years, it has matured extremely well and is regarded as one of the best SEGA Genesis emulators available.

BlastEm    – BlastEm is an extremely accurate SEGA Genesis Emulator, achieving extreme accuracy while managing to perform well even on a first generation Intel Atom prcoessor. While a relatively new SEGA Genesis emulator, it is one to keep an eye on.

Genesis Plus!   – Genesis Plus! is a SEGA Genesis emulator with a focus on being accurate over extra functionality. It makes use of MAME’s CPU and Sound chip cores to help ensure its accurate emulation. it is regarded as one of the most accurate SEGA Genesis emulators available.

Gens32 Surreal – Gens32 Surreal is one of the most well regarded SEGA Genesis Emulators around, based on the fantastic emulator Gens source code. Gens32 Surreal extends the emulator even further with fantastic features and improvements on the already strong core.

Exodus  – Exodus is a highly accurate emulator designed primarily as a debugger, while not being the best for general game development, it is a superb debugger and development tool for the SEGA Genesis.

SEGA Genesis Specifications

CPU Specifications

  • Processor: Motorola 68000
  • Processor Speed: 7.61 MHz
  • Main RAM: 64 KByte
  • ROM Memory: 1 MByte (8 Mbit)
  • Co-Processor: Zilog Z80
  • Co-Processor Speed: 4 MHz

Video Specifications

  • Available Colors: 512 palette
  • Max Colors on screen: 64
  • Pixel Resolution: 320 x 224
  • Planes: 3 (2 scrolling playfields, 1 sprite plane)
  • VDP (Video Display Processor)
    • Dedicated display processor
    • Controls both playfield and sprites
    • Video Ram (VRAM): 64 KBytes
    • Color RAM: 64 x 9-bits

Sound Specifications

  • PSG:
    • Processor: Texas Instruments SN76489
    • Channels: 4 (mono)
    • Sound Generators: 3
    • Octaves per generator: 4
    • White noise generator: 1
  • FM:
    • Processor: Yamaha YM-2413
    • Channels: 9 (mono)