Gens32 Surreal

Gens32 Surreal
Developer: DarkDancer
Supported Systems:

Gens32 Surreal is a SEGA Genesis Emulator based on the source code of the once popular Gens Emulator. For the majority of its development it was considered as one of the best SEGA Genesis Emulators available. It has superseded other forks of the Gens Emulator, including Gens Plus!

While being built off Gens, Gens32 Surreal adds an assortment of extra functionality to the emulator. The extra technical features the Gens32 Surreal team implemented is namely. The LDU System, a system designed so games can be translated extremely easy, a caption systems to captions can be easily added into games, much like you see in DVD’s. Along these various features it also has the ability to replace the background music in any game and features an inbuilt Kailleria client for netplay.

Alongside all these extra features, Gens32 Surreal is a highly capable and compatible emulator in its own right, offering emulation for the vast majority of the SEGA Genesis games.


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