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Nintendulator is an open source WIN32 NES emulator written in C++. The goal of Nintendulator was to emulate the console right down to all of its hardware quirks allowing the emulator to successfully emulate certain game behaviors that some emulators simply aren’t able to.

Though due to its hardware accurate nature Nintendulator requires a much higher processor requirement than other available emulators, with the system requiring clocking in at about 1.5GHz, though for modern computers this requirement is basically nothing.

Unlike other emulators that has the individual mappers programmed directly into the emulator, Nintendulator loads them in via DLL’s. While Nintendulator’s main aim is to be an hardware accurate emulator it does have support for other aspects such as: Game Genie cheat support,  input movie recording and playback, AVI capturing and also a debugger with moderate breakpoint support.

Download latest version of Nintendulator

Version Archive

 Please note that Nintendulator relies on two things, the Core Binary and the Mapper, these are two different Downloads.

Download Core

Nintendulator Core 0.970 Download: Windows Source

Nintendulator Core 0.960 Download: Windows Source

Nintendulator Core 0.940 Download: Windows Source

Nintendulator Core 0.900 Download: Windows Source

Download Mapper

Nintendulator Mapper 4.2 Download:Source

Nintendulator Mapper 4.1 Download: Source

Nintendulator Mapper 4.0 Download: Windows Source

Nintendulator Mapper 1.3 Download: Windows Source