Developer: iDeaS Developer
Supported Systems:

iDeaS Emulator is a once popular Nintendo DS Emulator. It was capable of running a lot of commercial NDS games. To achieve decent graphical speed iDeaS Emulator makes use of an OpenGL renderer. iDeaS had successfully managed to emulate the ARM7 CPU completely, which also gives it the ability to emulate GBA games.

The iDeaS team had also managed to make significant inroads on emulating the ARM9 Dual Screen processor with estimated completion of the emulation of the processor being at about 99%. This allows it to successfully run many commercial games such as Super Mario 64 DS and Pokemon Black and White. However while these games should all run fine, the GPU emulation was never fully completed as development ended.

iDeaS comes with a plugin system as well, this is something that is not found in any other Nintendo DS emulator, allowing developers to add extra support into the emulator without needing access to the core code. We have provided the available plugins below, however we cant say that they all still function correctly.


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