RascalBoy Advance

RascalBoy Advance
Developer: RascalBoy Dev Team
Supported Systems:

RascalBoy Advance was yet another very promising GBA Emulator. It had successfully managed to emulate a vast majority of the features of the GBA. It was seen as one of the biggest competitors to Visual Boy Advance, and the only one that had managed to get near its emulation capabilities and feature set. This made it one of the best GBA emulators that you could find around, and development up until its sudden end was extremely promising.

RascalBoy Advance also has support for local multiplayer utilizing a special plugin they released allows users to connect up to 4 copies of the emulator together for multiplayer. It was one of the first emulators to be able to achieve this. However like many other GBA emulators, development sadly appears to of completely ceased.

While development has ceased, RascalBoy Advance still proves to be an incredibly capable emulator, and is still more then good enough to be the everyday emulator for any user.


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