I Shall Be Queen Thumbnail

I Shall Be Queen

I Shall Be Queen is a homebrew GBC game based on the Double Dragon style of beat-em-up gameplay. The game was part of the bit bit jam #3 competition.

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Guns and Riders Thumbnail

Guns and Riders

Guns and Riders is a simple Game Boy Colour game where you have to get rid of the enemy bandits in order to protect your village and save your people.

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Friki Race Thumbnail

Friki Race

Friki Race is a simple highway racing GBC game. You must reach certain goals within a certain time goal to be able to proceed into the next stage.

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Flappy Boy Thumbnail

Flappy Boy

Flappy Boy is a 2014 remake of the mobile hit Flappy Bird for the Game Boy Colour. It is a faithful remake of the game and works nicely on the GBC.

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Drains Thumbnail


Drains GBC is a simple homebrew Game Boy Colour game. Your goal is to clear the mutiple rooms of the sewers of various nefarious creatures.

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Dodgeball GBC Thumbnail

Dodgeball GBC

Dodgeball GBC is a fairly simple game that follows the basic Dodgeball rules. Dodge the opposing players balls while hitting them with your own.

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Beep Beep Boom Box Thumbnail

Beep Beep Boom Box

Beep Beep Boom Box is a small game. It gives you control of a “tone matrix” music toy where activating the squares shown causes various sounds to be played.

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Alien Planet Thumbnail

Alien Planet

Alien Planet is a homebrew GameBoy Colour game developed by “The New Image”. Alien Planet is a very smartly designed shoot-em-up with a ton of content.

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