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About the PlayStation 2 and PS2 Emulators

PlayStation 2 - PS2 Emulators - Console Pic The PlayStation 2 (PS2) is a sixth generation console and was Sony’s successor to there incredibly successful console the PlayStation 1 (PSX). The PS2 went on to be the biggest selling console of all time, selling an incredible 155 million units throughout its extended lifetime from the year to 2000 right up to 2013.

The PlayStation 2 went up against some of the stiffest competition in gaming history, as well as having to go up against surprise entry from software giant Microsoft. It competed against Sega’s final console entry, the SEGA Dreamcast, Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft Xbox.

A key feature to the PlayStation 2 was its ability to be fully backwards compatible with the PlayStation 1 (PSX) games, meaning a user who chose to buy the new console did not have to ditch there whole games library or retain the older console. This was in stark contrast to Son’ys competitors at the time, as a new console often meant all your games were rendered useless.  The PS2 also managed to retain support for the previous generations Dualshock controllers.

Emulation of the PS2 has been rather successful, largely in thanks to the PCSX2 emulation project. PCSX2 was originally started by the development team who made the PlayStation 1 (PSX) Emulator, PCSX. PCSX2 proved that emulation of the PS2 could be achieved , while its taken a few years emulation of the PS2 has matured extremely well, with almost every single game now being playable and enough knowledge of the PS2 is now known to be able to accurately emulate it while achieving great speed.

PS2 Emulators

PCSX2   – PCSX2 is a super PS2 Emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It manages to run almost every single game, and it does this reasonably fast and accurate. If you plan on playing PS2 games you cannot go past PCSX2.

Play!    – Play! is a relatively new emulator, but is proving extremely promising, if development is kept up it should prove to be a extremely capable emulator.

PS2emu – PS2emu was a very experimental emulator that attempted to use new techniques to try and speed up the emulation speed for the PS2. Development sadly never made it far enough to see how fruitful there techniques are, and it cannot currently run any commercial game fully.

NeutrinoSX2 – Neutrino SX2 was one of the earliest open source emulators for the the PS2, it showed that emulating the PS2 was possible, however NeutrinoSX2 was never able to actually emulate a commercial game, but it left behind a lot of well put together documentation.

Miscellaneous PS2 Emulation Files

PS2 Bios Files – These PS2 Bios files allow emulators such as PCSX2 to successfully emulate commercial PS2 games and homebrew. Software and games developed for the PS2 seem to rely on the BIOS to actually be able to run.

PlayStation 2 Specifications

CPU Specifications

  • Processor: “Emotion Engine” (128-bit)
  • Processor Speed: 294.912 MHz (299 MHz on new versions)
  • Co-Processor: Floating -point unit (FPU) (32-bit)
  • Co-Processor Speed: 147.456  MHz
  • System Memory: 32 MB RDRAM
  • Extra Features: Compressed Image decoder for MPEG-2

GPU Specifications

  • Processor: “Graphics Synthesizer”
  • Processor Speed:147.456 MHz
  • Embedded VRAM: 4 MB
  • Resolution: 256 x 224 to 1280 x 1024
  • Pixel Pipelines: 16
  • Overall Pixel fillrate: 16 x 147 = 2.352 Gpxiel/s

Audio Specifications

  • Processor: “SPU+SPU2)
  • Processor Sped: 8 MHz
  • Sound Memory: 2 MB
  • Format: ADPCM
  • Channels: 48 hardware channels
  • Sample Frequency: 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz (selectable)

I/O Specifications

  • Processor: MIPS R3000A (Original Playstation CPU)
  • Processor Speed: 33.8688 MHz (For backwards compatability)
  • I/O Memory: 2 MB
  • Sub Bus: 32-bit