Developer: Xeven
Supported Systems:

PSXeven is a freeware PSX emulator for Windows by developer Xeven. Although short lived, in the short development time, development was regarded as being quite fast. With releases put out very rapidly in a short amount of time it became regarded as a very promising emulator.

The last few versions before development ended on PSXeven focused on trying to improve the accuracy and stability of the emulator while also trying to ensure that the interpreter core will be fast enough on most computers.

PSXeven become renowned for its fantastic simple user interface that is very easy for people to understand. It also features a few inbuilt functions you usually find separate from other PSX emulators.

These features are an in-built memory card manager and a very useful and great game image compression tool. Like most PSX Emulators PSXeven makes use of a plugin based system, this allows it to make use of the same plugins that both ePSXe and PCSX-Reloaded can run making it a more versatile plugin and still makes it a viable plugin even in the modern days.

PSXeven showed a fair amount of promise that it would be able to emulate the PlayStation 1 well but development never lived long enough for the emulator to full mature unlike its competitors ePSXe and PCSX-Reloaded.

PSXeven joins a long line of short lived PlayStation emulators that could of been great if they had just been continued or the source code released.

Please note that this emulator requires the PSX Bios to be able to run.


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