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The Nintendo Entertainment System (often abbreviated as NES) is an 8-bit video game console that was designed, developed and manufactured by Japanese company, Nintendo. The NES is strongly associated with the revitalization of the US video game industry after the crash of the industry in 1983.

Nintendo used the NES to bring to life some of what are they most popular game series to date, these being Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. It also so the birth of Capcom’s Mega Man franchise, Konami’s Castlevania franchise, Square’s(Now Square Enix) Final Fantasy franchise and Enix’s(Now Square Enix) Dragon Quest franchise. All of these franchises are still highly popular and still exist today.

While Nintendo’s NES brought to life some of the greatest game franchises it also gave console manufactures a new outlook in their relationship with third-party software developers by restricting developers from publishing software without licensed approval from the manufacturer. This led to the consoles having much more high quality software titles, and in turn better public outlook on the console.

While the console is no longer being manufactured, the console has been emulated to the point where almost all hardware functionality has been replicated on the computer, with some emulators such as Nestopia providing cycle accurate emulation of the original hardware, meaning what is shown on screen should be exactly what the original console would of produced.

NES / Famicom Emulators

bsnes (higan)    bsnes or what is now known as higan is the most advanced emulator available for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Unlike most emulators, bsnes’s primary is accuracy at the cost of performance.

Nestopia    Nestopia is the one of the only cycle accurate emulators for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Thanks to its highly optimized cycle accurate nature it allows the emulator to have an almost 100% compatibility.

Jnes Jnes is a NES emulator designed and programmed by Jabo (More known for his work on Project64 and his audio and video plugins for it). Jnes boasts a high compatibility, managing to successfully emulate the graphics, sound …

Nemulator  – Nemulator is an extremely capable NES Emulator, providing support for almost all of the NES’s features, including undocumented, unofficial features used in certain games. It is one of the best NES Emulators around, and definitely worth checking out. New versions of Nemulator have gone on to also support the SEGA Master System.

FCEUX FCEUX is the continuation of NES emulator FCE and its forks under the name FCEU. FCEUX aims to be an “all in one” emulator for the NES, offering accurate emulation with both more casual player options and more advanced options …

Nintendulator Nintendulator is an open source WIN32 NES emulator written in C++. The goal of Nintendulator was to emulate the console right down to all of its hardware quirks allowing the emulator to successfully emulate certain …

NES / Famicom Specifications

  • Processor: Ricoh 2A03 (NTSC, 8-bit Core) / Ricoh 2A07 (PAL, 8-bit Core)
  • Picture Processing Unit: RP2C02(NTSC)/RP2C02(PAL)
  • Picture Processing Unit Speed: 5.37MHz / 5.32MHz
  • RAM: 16Kbit (2 KiB)
  • Video RAM(VRAM) : 16Kbit (2 KiB)
  • Video/Audio Outputs: RCA Cable, RF Modulator Plug, SCART Plug(French NES only)
  • Colors Available: 54
  • Max colors on screen: 25
  • Max Sprites: 64
  • Max Sprites per scan line: 8
  • Sprite Size: 8x8 or 8x16
  • Min/Max cart size: 192 Kbit – 4 Mbit
  • Sound: PSG Sound, 5 Channels