Developer: Jum52 Development Team
Supported Systems:

Jum52 is a cross-platform Atari 5200 emulator that has been ported to an assortment of operating systems, ranging from Windows to Linux and even the PlayStation 2.

Jum52 also has a Mac OS X port thanks to the efforts of Richard Bannister, a programmer who has ported numerous other emulators to the Mac OS X operating system as well.

Jum52, while being a capable emulator isn’t quite as good as some of the alternatives, mainly due to its collision detection being rather hit and miss. Besides the poor collision, the emulator does handle other emulations of the Atari 5200 a lot better, its sound emulation for example is superb.

While Jum52 is still a very efficient emulator, if you want to run games without issues however, we do recommend the other available Atari 5200 emulators such as Atari800 or Altirra.


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