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Atari Lynx

The Atari lynx is a handheld console that released back in September 1989 by Atari. It is widely recognised as the world’s first electronic game that has a colour LCD screen/

This handheld device has many several innovative features for its time such as the colour screen, a backlit display, and switchable right/left handed configuration and also the ability to network with up to 17 other unites.

While the Atari Lynx started off as successful this eventually started to slow down as more competition came onto the market. Lifetime sales of the Lynx totalled out to be about 7 million units when combined with the game gear. The Gameboy had sold 16 million units by the same time.

The handheld console received good praise by the critics at the time with one critic claiming that it “throws the Gameboy into the prehistoric age” citing the built-in object scaling capabilities and the strong multiplayer system gave it a huge advantage over the Gameboy.

Atari LYNX Emulators

Handy   – Handy is basically the one and only Atari LYNX Emulator that is still in on and off emulator. It achieves fairly good emulation of the Atari LYNX and comes with debugging tools to help with the development of homebrew.

Atari LYNX Specifications

CPU Specifications

  • Processor: MOS 65SC02 (8-bit)
  • Processor Speed: 4 MHz
  • Main RAM: 64 KB

Audio Specifications

  • Processor: 8-bit DAC for each channel
  • Channels: 4

Video Specifications

  • Processor: Suzy (16-bit custom CMOS chip)
  • Processor Speed: 16 MHz
  • Resolution: 160 x 102 pixels
  • Available Colors: 4,096 (12-bit) palette
  • Max colors on screen: 16