Nikachu's “Painty” Banjo-Kazooie Texture Pack

This texture pack (painty) was created by Nikachu and is an absolute treat. As you can see in the example screenshots, there has been quite a bit of work put into it. It’s well worth downloading and trying out.

“This is a FINISHED texture pack that I created for Banjo-Kazooie. Being one of the games that I loved in my childhood, I found it sad that few people had attempted to tackle it. After all, there are a million Zelda OoT retextures out there. I originally made this pack with the intention of just doing enough to prove that I had figured it out. It was going to be an “HD” plastering of just real world textures in place of the existing ones. I suppose that it didn’t look too bad, and that I should have stopped as planned, but I got a little obsessive lol

I do not have an official name for this pack, but I would describe it as “painty” with embossing for depth. About 99% of the textures were recycled. By that, I mean that I used the original, enlarged textures as bases for the ones that I created. In this way, the game looks nearly exactly the same as far as style. The textures have all the same details as before. However, I severely edited each one so that the game looks new again. Do to the similarity in look (at least from far away), many of the the pics that I post here won’t show enough detail to show just how much of a difference the pack actually makes.”


Download Banjo-Kazooie “Painty” by Nikachu