Developer: Shima
Supported Systems:

SSF is probably the best SEGA Saturn emulator available. While only being available for the Windows Operating System, SSF has manage to overtake every other SEGA Saturn emulator despite being developed by one single Japanese developer who guy by the name of Shima.

No other emulator has managed to come near the level of compatibility that SSF has managed to provide, considering the highly complex nature of the SEGA Saturn this came at a massive surprise, especially when it was all done by one programmer, succeeding where other teams had failed.

SSF does not require the SEGA Saturn BIOS files, as it attempts to emulate this within the program itself, however if your having trouble running some games, you can still choose to load in the SEGA Saturn’s BIOS.

However we cannot provide the SEGA Saturn bios as a download on this website due to copyright issues.

SSF is capable of running the vast majority of the games available for the SEGA Saturn with little to no issues.

However one big difference between SSF and other emulators, since it was designed to read the CD Images directly, you are required to make use of virtual drive program to mount the SEGA Saturn roms. One of the most popular of these tools being DAEMON Tools.

Basically the only downside to SSF is that it is Windows only, but for Windows users it is the best available SEGA Saturn Emulator.


Download SSF