Developer: Yabause Development Team
Supported Systems:

Yabause is a highly regarded open source emulator for the SEGA Saturn, and is currently the only actively developed and worked on emulator for the SEGA Saturn. It is built to be able to run across a variety of operating systems, namely Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X and even the Dreamcast.

The SEGA Saturn features a very complicated set of hardware making it notoriously difficult to emulate, however Yabause has slowly been able to increase its compatability over the years, fighting the odds against it.

While not having the same level of compatibility as closed source SEGA Saturn Emulator, SSF, recent versions have made great strands to try and remedy this.

Alongside Yabause features many things SSF doesn’t such as an OpenGL and Software render that’s capable of producing HD graphics from the system, allowing the graphics to look much cleaner and nicer then just being stretched to modern resolutions which can often deteriorate the overall image quality quite badly.

At the moment if you are running the Windows operating system and are looking for optimal compatibility then we do recommend SSF, otherwise Yabause is your best option.

Please note that Yabause is available as a system package on Linux based systems.


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